Flood Brothers expertise in library relocation guarantees your move will be seamless and successful. Our library relocation services include a complete project analysis, from floor plan drawings to post move clean up.  Our expertise in move management allows us to quickly and easily access and prepare your collections for a smooth library relocation.  We work closely with your team to go through the move process step by step and answer all questions to erase any ambiguity. Our goal is to eliminate obstacles before they happen.

Collection Relocation, Shifting, Merging, or Segregating

  • Planning, tagging, moving, and internal shifting
  • Collection segregation
  • Collection integration
  • Assistance with move planning, scheduling and move sequencing
  • Coordination of new furniture and shelving installations
  • Original floor plan layouts


  • Triple-filtered micro-stat shelves and books vacuuming
  • Hand wiping for fragile materials
  • Cleaning of electrostatic shelving

Sorting and Shelving

  • Interfiling of materials from shelving backlogs
  • Sorting and shelving of opening day collections for new or renovated libraries

Temporary or Long-Term Storage

  • Storage for Books, furnishings and shelving while you renovate
  • Long-term storage and document delivery available to libraries coping with limited space for older materials


To ensure books are removed and replaced in the exact order requested by the library, Flood Brothers implements proprietary systems, including our exclusive “Range Mover” Technology.  Keeping the range intact is a more efficient process than pulling the books and taking down and rebuilding the ranges for internal renovations.


As a Certified Member of the Office Moving Alliance Worldwide, Flood Brothers partners with companies across the country, and in many areas of Canada and Europe, to meet their library relocation needs.


Getting the right crew for the right job is essential to any library relocation. Flood Brothers generates the optimum crew size to accomplish all projects with little or no downtime.  Our library relocation services include a staff of only our trained, professional movers, we are able to minimize damage, maximize performance and generate a fun and positive experience for our staff and our clients.

Our goal is to staff the crew with enough labor to meet or exceed our client’s expectations.  Flood Brothers realizes the importance of completing each phase of the project within the time limits specified.


Although, Flood Brothers has trained crews to meet all your library relocation needs, we recognize that sometimes budgets only allow for alternative labor sources.  We can help make these projects successful by providing our experienced Project Management Team to work hand in hand with your staff. Our Project Managers will help you realize efficiencies by using their leadership and expertise to direct your labor or volunteers for budget sensitive “do-it-yourself” projects.

Of course, sometimes you need more labor than you may have currently available.  We can also provide extra labor to assist your team with the heavier lifting or more tedious tasks that require more hands for your “Hands on” move. Call us today to learn more about our national library relocation services.


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