Document Scanning

Eliminate the hassle of scanning documents and capturing data. Certified and recognized for our compliance and security standards, Flood Brothers scans and converts over 1 billion documents every year. We guarantee the accuracy of your data, improving turnaround times and decreasing operational costs.


We understand that your data is sensitive. Whether we’re handling e-forms or paper files, your data is monitored and secured around the clock.

In-House Pickup or Delivery

We can scan at your location or ours, schedule daily pickups from your facility or have your documents shipped directly to one of our secure facilities. Whichever option you choose, you’ll have access to your data within 24 business hours or less.

Document Scanning for Any Budget

Our scanning services are scalable for a wide range of needs. Our scan-to-budget solutions allow you to store your documents at our secure facilities and digitize them based on a monthly budget. This option facilitates a gradual, cost-effective conversion. Alternatively, scan-on-demand services pull and scan the documents you need on a pay-per-retrieval basis within minutes.

Scanning Services for Any Format

We offer wide-format scanning services for a variety of document sizes, including
ANSI E-size (34” X 44”) and architectural E-size (36” X 48”), black & white, grayscale and color.

  • Large-Format Documents
  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Architectural Drawings
  • Book Scanning
  • 16mm, 35mm Roll Microfilm
  • Microfiche (Jackets or COM)
  • Engineering Aperture Cards

Shredding Services

Flood Brothers also offers a shredding services to help with your company’s next purge campaign. The retention of unneeded documents, boxes, furniture, and other waste can cost your company money and resources. These items take up valuable real estate within your office that could be used for revenue generating activities. Purging unneeded documents and office waste can also eliminate the need to purchase or rent additional real estate.

When you use our shredding services as part of the relocation of your business, we supply waste bins in multiple sizes to your facility. Bins are strategically located for easy access by your employees to fill as needed. When the bins are full, or your purge project is complete, simply call us and we will remove them from your office.

Our shredding services are designed to meet the day-to-day needs of our clients and includes same-day emergency services to handle unexpected overflows. All items collected are integrated with our company’s landfill disposal services to help control costs and ensure your waste will be disposed of in a manner that meets or exceeds all local, state and federal environmental regulations.


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