6 Tips for Decluttering Before Your Commercial Move

With a commercial move coming up in just a few months, you probably feel pressured trying to get everything in order. Maybe you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff in your office that you longer need, and everything is scattered over the space. Finding a reliable commercial moving company to help pack and coordinate with employees can significantly boost your moving process.

A critical aspect of an efficient commercial move is to declutter your office. This could help reduce the amount of stuff you need to pack and transport and accelerate the moving process. Check out these six tips for decluttering your space before moving.

1.) Start Early

Decluttering should start as soon as you decide to relocate. Depending on the amount of clutter in your office, the work can consume a lot of time, so procrastination is not an option. Otherwise, you may end up packing things you no longer need or, in worst cases, accidentally throw away valuable items.

There are probably several items in your office that you can keep, recycle, donate, or sell online to make some extra cash. Starting early provides enough time to sort things out and plan what to do with them.

2.) Choose a Storage Space for the Clutter

When you start to declutter your office, you’ll most likely come across plenty of items, furniture, and documents you will need to dispose of. Without a proper storage plan, there is a good chance you will create another mess. It’s, therefore, critical that you have a practical plan before you embark on decluttering. You can either preserve a separate room for the clutter or rent a nearby storage space.

3.) Declutter in Sections

Decluttering might seem like an overwhelming job that is generally impossible to accomplish. Going through old and disorganized stuff is never an enjoyable experience, and you can easily give up if you don’t have an effective strategy. Thus, we recommend that you declutter in sections so you can work from one corner to another in an organized manner.

4.) Separate Items According to Needs

Once you sort your items, the next step is to separate them according to your needs. Go through each item and decide what you want to keep and the items you don’t need. Meanwhile, keep everything well-organized to avoid mixing up things.

5.) Make Your Staff a Part of the Moving Plan

The best way to get through the decluttering process quickly and efficiently is to get a helping hand. Involve your team in the decluttering process and assign them specific tasks. Provide them with the necessary tools and resources they need to declutter their own spaces and pack supplies accordingly.

6.) Go Digital

You can also cut down on clutter by digitizing anything you don’t require in a physical copy. Things like office files, photographs, and tax documents can be scanned and stored in your computer for security and safekeeping. Going digital can help save space and preserve memories.

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