Designing the company moving plan

Only a properly designed strategic plan will ensure success in this decisive instance, ensuring that nothing is lost or damaged along the way and that on the first day in the new office, everything is in place and ready to be used.

It’s much more than just the physical act of carrying packages from one place to another. It involves designing a plan that prevents the company from losing operations, rigorously coordinating the storage of documentation, the transfer of equipment and the start-up of servers and technical equipment.

Who organizes the company move?

It should also be borne in mind that although the decision to relocate a corporate office is made at the highest levels of an organization, the entire subsequent operation normally falls to the middle management, so it is important to make sure that a person in charge is chosen who can effectively carry out the project and deal with any stressful situations that may arise.

In this sense, the moving company should designate a coordinator who will be in contact with the company’s manager, together they will be in charge of following the logistic plan of the corporate relocation based on the needs and requirements of the company.

Tips for moving a company

  • Avoid a gradual relocation: As far as possible, try to avoid a gradual move, although sometimes operational reasons force the company to carry out the relocation progressively. This implies periods of coexistence between the company’s own production and moving procedures, which can cause problems in the development of daily work.
  • Carrying out the relocation during non-working hours: In this way, the company’s productivity is not affected during the relocation. If it is carried out during working hours, the whole process can be more problematic and can cause certain disruptions in the daily tasks of the workers.
  • Leave the removal to the experts: Although it may be advisable for workers to pack certain office material, the assistance of specific personnel speeds up the process of setting up the new plant, since they provide not only experience, but also the appropriate means for moving all types of material.
  • Labeling the packed material: This avoids errors and facilitates unpacking and making it available at the new plant. In the new plant, the place where everything is going to go should already have been thought out, studied and agreed with the person in charge of each sector.

Other useful tips for a company move

  • Efficient communication: Schedule an efficient communication of the project that will emphasize the reasons and benefits of the change, anticipate the key moments of the process and involve the natural leaders in the process. Thus, it is convenient to establish specific dates and deadlines for the transfer so that everyone is aware of it beforehand. This will help to minimize anxieties, reduce internal conflicts and generate a positive current that favors the change process.
  • Provide the floor plan of the new facilities: If the workers know, before the transfer of the company, how will be the organization of the new facilities through the plans, everything will be easier and simpler at the time of locating in the new workstations.
  • Organize the new space: Increase spaces for interaction between employees. Multifunctional spaces that generate a good working environment and increase productivity. Therefore, a very careful analysis of the type of activity to be developed, the work flow, the corporate image and the profile of the collaborators is necessary to define the optimal way in which the work environment will be modeled.

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