FF&E Construction: What Does FF&E Mean & Why Does It Matter?

If you work in the construction industry, it helps to know what FF&E means and why it matters. While most people believe that the FF&E processes only take place in design meetings and showrooms, the reality is that it takes extensive, detailed, backstage cooperation. Below, experts from Flood Brothers Commercial Relocation define the meaning of FF&E and describe how it works in the construction industry. Follow through!

What Is the Meaning of FF&E?

FF&E is a short form of furniture, fixtures, and equipment and is often used to describe items that have no permanent attachment to the structure of the building. FF&E encompasses items that are not included in the contract between the property owner and the general contractor. They are not part of the construction design blueprints and will not be provided or installed by the building contractor.

FF&E Meaning In Construction

This is the acquisition and installation of items and fixtures used to furnish and decorate the property to attain livable spaces in the project. Examples of these items include furniture such as chairs, shelving, desks, and tables. They also include fixtures like movable office partitions, window treatments, and equipment such as computers, vending machines, television sets, printers, phone systems, and copiers.

FF&E construction also involves all the costs required to construct, support, and install these items. In addition, any work associated with FF&E is usually coordinated and handled by the building owner or their representatives.

Generally, FF&E covers products that are easy to carry from a building and have a useful life of at least one year. As a rule of thumb, they are not items that a company would sell. They may include furniture, electronic equipment, lighting fixtures, decorative elements, and other equipment. However, some assets like built-in furniture, consumables, office supplies, and immovable building components would not be considered FF&E.

Why Does FF&E Matter?

FF&E sets are usually acquired separately from the elements of the main construction contract. It would therefore help to ensure that any construction work needed for the installation of FF&E items is clearly identified, procured, and integrated into the main project.

Although some individuals would claim that FF&E works only on office projects, we believe that every construction project has some cost aspects related to fixtures, equipment, and furniture. Therefore, you should consider the construction costs of acquiring and installing these items. Most importantly, find someone who specializes in FF&E installation services to help with your project.

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