Logistics Safety Solutions for Winter Transportation

Moving in the winter isn’t the most fun, but it is often necessary for companies to relocate in wet, slippery, and otherwise unpredictable weather — and, while it can be done safely, a winter move does have the potential to bring about challenges and unexpected aspects to your commercial move. In order to ensure that your company’s items, equipment, furniture, and other belongings will remain safe throughout the journey to your new building, Flood Brothers Commercial Relocation takes a serious approach to winter moving with added precautions.

How Do We Ensure the Safest Practices?

Our goal is to have a boring and uneventful move because, in the logistics world, boring and uneventful is good! We create a detailed logistics plan for every move to ensure that your items arrive safely, and we consider the route and present road conditions to plan accordingly. Sometimes, this could mean short delays in the pursuit of additional safety, but we work hard to keep your move running smoothly at all times. While minimal or halted transportation may be difficult, it can ultimately save your company time and money by avoiding accidents, damaged products, or other incidents.

Here are a few ways that we protect your items during transport:

Heightened Winter Driving Safety

Our drivers are trained for winter safety and understand how weather can affect large, heavy loads during a commercial move. Slow and steady wins the office relocation race, and our team has both the patience and the experience to ensure that your items are delivered without issue.

Alternative Route Planning

We know from experience that having a “plan B” for winter moves isn’t just a nice to have, but a necessity. Main routes can often become slick and filled with heavy traffic, which is why our logistics planning involves selecting an alternate route so that we can deliver on time.

Routine Equipment Checks

Winter, spring, summer, and fall — regardless of the season, our operators perform routine checks on all equipment before embarking on their journeys with your load. This involves the use of detailed equipment checklists and regular service scheduling to ensure that trucks are in pristine working order.

Clear Communication

When your company’s possessions are in our hands, we commit to providing the communication you need, when you need it. Winter can make logistics unpredictable at times, and any last-minute changes or serious weather events are discussed right away to help reduce stress and keep everyone in the loop.

For a Stress-Free Commercial Move, Call Flood Brothers Commercial Relocation

Nobody likes moving in the winter, but you need to do what’s right for your business. If that involves moving through snow drifts, sleet, or freezing rain, Flood Brothers Commercial Relocation has your back. To discuss your commercial move, contact us today and one of our logistics specialists will provide the answers you need.

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