Office Space: Permanent Remote Work Model vs. Hybrid Work Model

Hybrid and remote work models are office design trends in today’s work environment. A remote work model allows employees to work at any time and anywhere. Although a remote work environment is part of the new norm in the work environment, there is also a need for a mixture of in-person and remote work models.

Here are two options to consider if you want to adopt a modern working environment for your business:

Option 1: Decommission your Current Office Entirely and Embrace Remote Work

Research shows that remote work is something the corporate world will stick with in the future. According to Buffer’s 2021 State of Remote Work, workers who worked remotely during the 2020 pandemic expect to continue working remotely post-pandemic.

Employers consider remote working a cost-effective approach since it helps save on real estate costs. Operating a business without incurring rent or other related expenses allows companies to recruit more employees from all parts of the world without struggling to bridge the geographical gaps.

However, it is essential to note that working remotely may affect your employees’ mental and physical health. The isolation and lack of in-person communication and collaboration may make it difficult for employees to maintain strong relationships with supervisors and co-workers.

If the benefits of remote work outweigh the disadvantages, it’s advisable to reach out to an office relocation partner. At Flood Brothers Commercial Relocation, we will offer the solutions you need to decommission the current office and adopt a remote workplace.

Option 2: Downsize your office and switch to a hybrid working model.

A hybrid work environment allows employees to choose whether to work in a physical office or remotely. Some organizations maintain a small office for meetings, team-building, onboarding, and collaboration, while others allow employees to decide whether to work remotely. Either way, you might need to downsize your office to accommodate the fewer employees in the physical location.

A hybrid work model allows employees to maximize the flexibility of remote working while enjoying the advantages of working in a physical office. Downsizing your current office will enable you to save on operational costs. Besides, you can recruit employees from different parts of the world and local talent seeking to work in a physical location that’s incomparable to working remotely.

However, managing employees working in a hybrid work environment can be difficult. You may be unable to control how many employees can be at the office at a particular time. Additionally, it can be challenging to ensure that all employees feel like they’re part of the organization.

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