What to Know About Commercial White Glove Delivery Services

When it’s time for a business to move to a new location, it’s natural to want to find a company that can not only handle the task, but handle it in a way that ensures the safety of your items throughout each step of the journey. The term “white glove delivery service” is a bit of a buzzphrase, but what does it really mean?

What is Commercial White Glove Delivery?

White-glove refers to a premium, more bespoke moving service that involves tailored services to ensure that the moving process works around you and your schedule. In essence, it’s the difference between a standard move and a meticulously planned and executed relocation.

How It Stands Out

There are a few ways that white-glove delivery services stand out:

  • Special packaging. Reusable plastic bins are tougher than cardboard boxes and help to protect fragile items and equipment such as computers, printers, and more.
  • Attention to detail. Each move is unique, and the details matter. White-glove delivery means discussing each step with the customer and not missing a beat.
  • Precision timing. Route planning and working around customer schedules helps to ensure that the delivery of items will come at exactly the right time.
  • Product assembly. Once your items are delivered, there’s still lots to do. Setting up desks and assembling items that were taken down and packed is part of the white-glove experience.
  • Premium customer service. You don’t need a faceless phone number to call during your move, you need a dedicated customer service representative to be your #1 point of contact — and you can expect that with white-glove delivery services.

Why Choose Flood Brothers Commercial Relocation for Your White Glove Commercial Move?

Since 1996, Flood Brothers Commercial Relocation has been serving commercial customers and working to remove the stress and frustration that is common with commercial moves. John and Robert Flood operate on a simple principle; “building relationships is equally important to building business”, which guides our team to provide unparalleled services while remaining dedicated to the success of your move. We aim for as little impact as possible on your employees and daily operations and will work with you to design your commercial relocation so that it works with your business. Contact us today to discuss your next move, and experience the white-glove service your business deserves.

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