Why Commercial Companies Choose Flood Brothers Commercial Relocation as their Relocation Partner Over & Over

Moving your business to another location should be an exciting experience. The relocation signifies the beginning of another chapter for your business, and working with a reliable moving partner can mean the difference.

Every year, Flood Brothers Commercial Relocation helps like-minded facility managers support the growth of their businesses nationwide by setting up new facilities, offices, or warehouses effortlessly. Below are a few reasons why Flood Brothers Commercial Relocation is a popular choice for commercial companies intending to relocate their businesses.

Reason #1: Flood Brothers Goes the Extra Mile to Take Care of Your Assets

Whether you want to move a medical facility, office, warehouse, or data center, there’s more to commercial relocation than just moving items from one building to another. Before you begin packing the first item, you should take some steps to ensure your business’ valuable assets are protected.

The law requires all commercial moving companies to provide free basic valuation coverage for valuable assets. In most cases, if an item gets damaged during the relocation, the relocation partner should pay a considerable portion of the damage. However, the least amount of coverage required by federal law may not be enough to cover valuable assets like cloud servers.

Luckily, Flood Brothers offer you a chance to receive insurance premiums for specific items. We will send a move coordinator to issue a quote for comprehensive coverage under our insurance. Our experts will also go the extra mile to protect the floors, walls, and other areas of both buildings as you move.

Reason #2: Flood Brothers Has Vast Industry Expertise

When moving your business to another state, you might have to coordinate with agents in both locations. The process can be complicated if you don’t work with a relocation partner who offers in-house relocation services. At Flood Brothers, we partner with OMA to ensure we have a well-connected network nationwide.

This helps you avoid communicating with third parties and assures that all individuals who come in contact with your company’s assets are committed to offering safety and excellence.

Reason #3: Flood Brothers Can Save Companies Time & Money By Minimizing Your Downtime

Flood Brothers Commercial Relocation is committed to getting you back to work as soon as possible. We have experts working to keep your relocation in the right direction by creating a framework for business continuity. With our relocation services, you can move your items on Friday and expect to resume normal operations on Monday.

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